Il volontariato al CCF

Volunteering at CCF in Namibia is a rewarding experience, and most of the people who participate in our volunteer program will tell you that it is among the best experiences they have ever had. They’ll also tell you it’s not for the faint of heart.

The work that volunteers do in Namibia is critical to our mission of saving the cheetah in the wild. But it’s not glamorous. Volunteers do everything from data entry to chopping up meat to collecting and cataloging scat samples. CCF is a research station in a rural area of one of Africa’s least densely populated countries, and while conditions are not inhospitable, they are not terribly luxurious, either. There is lots of work to do, and volunteers are rarely idle during their stay. But if you want to see first-hand what a world-class conservation and education facility does, and be part of the mission, there’s no better place to be. Similar to interns, Working guests can expect to work with a wide variety of people on a wide variety of tasks, and will be relied upon to complete a great many tasks that involve nearly every aspect of our operations. CCF Namibia requires volunteers with all kinds of backgrounds, including people with business, finance, law, marketing, PR, event organizing, graphic design, report writing, proposal writing, fundraising and administrative skills. These functions are vital, “behind-the-scenes”, operations. Of course, we also need applicants such as keepers, animal behavior specialists, ecologists, biologists, veterinarians, and vet-technicians, as well as educators, trainers and conservationists. Volunteers and Working guests are responsible for their own transportation to and from CCF, and for securing all the necessary visas or other paperwork necessary to be at CCF. Volunteers must pay for their room and board and sign liability and other waivers. Volunteers are selected via an application process and must fill out all the appropriate application forms. Because of the nature of the site and limited accommodation, not all applications are accepted. Contact our volunteer coordinator at to obtain an application or for more information.