E ai denti avete pensato?

When Dr. Bruce Brewer returned from the US after joining Dr. Laurie Marker on her Fall Tour, Bruce returned with a suitcase full of donations for our veterinary clinic. Among the donated items was new dental equipment that we are very excited to have at CCF. It means we will now be able to do our dentistry work at CCF, saving on time as we have in the past required a specialist to visit whenever any dentistry work was needed. Pictured here is veterinarians, Sydney Shipefi and Dr. Moyo and Research Geneticist and Assistant Director of Animal Health and Research, Dr. Anne Schmidt-Kuntzel with the donated supplies and equipment. If you are interest in donating to our programs please head over to our website and have a look at our wish-lists. Thank you to everyone who has already donated valuable supplies to CCF. https://qoo.ly/zz73vt