La Dr. Laurie Marker ci scrive….

Cari Amici e Soci,
Copio e incollo la mail che abbiamo ricevuto da Laurie, è il modo migliore per dirvi GRAZIE,
Betty von Hoenning

Dear Betty and the whole CCF Italy Team,

Thank you so much for your email and for sending us the generous donation of
CCF Italy!

Thank you so much for all your efforts and continuous support, and please
know how much it means to all of us here at CCF. Getting your donation now
was a great help, as the end of the year is always difficult for us.

We enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner in the Little Serengeti with all of our
staff and interns to celebrate the holidays, and are getting ready for our
New Year’s celebration at the deck of our visitor center tomorrow.

Thanks again for all your ongoing support, and wishing you a wonderful and
successful New Year!

Many cheetah purrs from all of us in Namibia.

Dr. Laurie Marker | Cheetah Conservation Fund
Founder/Executive Director
Co-Host, Pathways Africa


Chair, Large Carnivore Management Association

P.O. Box 1755 | Otjiwarongo| Namibia
+264 (067) 306225 | +264 081 1247887
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